About Pastor Adam Green

Pastor GreenI was born and raised in Kings Mountain. In 1991 I married my wife Melinda and and moved to Grover.  We have 3 wonderful children.  Christopher Craig and wife Hope with 3 children, Isaiah, Lilliah and Jonah.  They live in Mooresville where Christopher works as an electrician.   Jeffrey Craig and wife Heather with 1 child Abbegail.  They  live in Grover and Jeffrey is also an electrician that works for me at Kings Mountain Electric, where I am owner and operator.   Also our daughter, Makayla Green who is a high school student.

I was not brought up in church but always knew God had something for me to do even though I was lost as an adult.  I wasn’t a bad person, never did anything bad to anyone, never stole from anyone but still just as lost as any vile person.
I was seeking how to be saved not knowing anything until I met Brother David Webb.  There is no doubt that the Lord put him in my life to lead me to eternal salvation.  I accepted Jesus in my heart on April 8, 1992 in my living room.  I praise the Lord for His miracles.  I am one of his miracles.  I ran from the call to preach till 1995 and likewise ran from the call to pastor till 2004.  I thank the Lord for having patience for someone as hardheaded as me.

One of the greatest blessings in my life is God allowong me to pastor and preach.  I praise Him for everything because without Him I am nothing.

In 1992 after I gave my heart to the Lord I became busy.  My passion is Outreach!  No matter what church I’ve been part of we’ve always had some type of soul winning ministry.  I’ve knocked on hundreds of door telling people about my Jesus and asking them if they knew where their eternal life would be.

November of 2009, New Buffalo Baptist became my church home and church family.  We’ve accomplished so much there with the help of others hungering to work for God.  God has been so good to us, greater than I could ever imagine.