Battles I Have Had To Persevere

Our church started a CD ministry not long after I became pastor.  Our services are recorded and once a month they are downloaded onto CD’s and approximately 600 (FREE) are distributed to various stores in Kings Mountain, Grover, Dallas, Bessemer City and Shelby.  This ministry has been such a blessing to many who are home bound, would like to give one to a friend, listen to in the car or at home. etc.

On one occasion I was at the Dollar General Store in Grover buying lightbulbs for the church and asked if they had any CD’s left.  There were only one left and the cashier said that people get them like crazy,  so I asked a woman in front of me if she would like to have it and her responce was,”NO”  she would never listen to that man, “I have no use for him.”   I of course asked her why and she said he wasn’t a preacher because of the way he treated her boyfriend that use to work for him.  When I put pressure on her to tell me what I had done she didn’t want to talk, but left the store quickly. I think she realize who I was.  She paid and walked out. I quickly paid and hurried to talk to her again but she had left.

People want to talk about one another but really don’t know what they are talking about.

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